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Has Substance Abuse Touched Your Life Through Another?

There are times when, through no fault of your own, substance abuse becomes a focus in your life. Whether it’s a parent, grandparent, life partner, sibling, or cherished friend, addiction can be devastating to those we love — and ourselves. Oftentimes, there are many resources available to the addict — which they may or may not choose to utilize. I am here to be a resource to YOU — the person behind the addict, the one whose heart has been broken and whose life has been changed by a substance you, personally, have chosen to avoid.

  • I will help you create peace in your life by teaching you how to stay present in the moment.
  • My horses and I will help you release the pain, trauma, and fear in a healthy, safe way.
  • Through Gestalt, we will facilitate your healing — and find a way that you can love even those in active addiction without hurting yourself.

Renewed Spirit is a non-denominational faith-based program that functions both within and outside of the 12 steps. With God as our higher power, horses as our guides, and Gestalt as our methodology, we allow you to find freedom, peace and compassion.

Our Services are available as …

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what is equine gestalt coaching

Why horses are the best coach of your life

For thousands of years, horses have walked alongside us through our human journey. They understand us in ways that we often don’t understand ourselves. They have a God-given gift that sees inside our souls — past the masks and facades we choose to wear — to where our true selves wait to be heard. Gestalt practices bring us into the present moment, but horses create a space inside of us for all that we know and all that we are to be realized. Once you have felt the beautiful power these animals have to offer, you will be forever changed.

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  • Let’s start with an exploratory phone or zoom call. Simple, no cost, no obligation.
  • Choose what works for you —
    • A single 1-to-1 session
    • A package of horse and zoom/phone sessions

    • A group or retreat with likeminded others
  • Make a date or enroll and get started moving toward your own freedom!


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What They Say

Ralynn creates safe spaces for people to explore the challenges that face them with authenticity and courage. She listens deeply to help the client get to the heart of the issue and explore new perspectives they would not have considered before and guides them to find a better path forward. I highly recommend her as a coach.. — Jennie Marie

Ralynn is wise beyond her years. She is encouraging and authentic. She has confident calmness about her that exudes her authenticity and willingness to listen and care deeply. Ralynn is warm and inviting and I felt safe to share my truth with her. I would definitely recommend Ralynn as a coach. — Jenn F.

Ralynn is a fantastic coach! She brings a caring and calm attitude to her clients. Ralynn sees each client for who they are and where they are. She supports the client in coming to their own awareness with gentle guidance and musch knowledge. I HIGHLY recommend Ralynn as an ECG coach! — Melissa C.

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